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Lakeview Health is a licensed and Joint Commission licensed personal drug and alcohol treatment facility that opened in 2001 at Jacksonville, Florida. We treat the entire patient--mind, body and soul --using a multidisciplinary medical model that combines bodily, psychological and behavioral care. Our therapy is highly customized to meet each patient's unique needs and circumstances. Our recently renovated campus provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for individuals to recover, recover their health and refocus on what is most important in their lives--to find their"true north." Therapy includes a three-day family program in which deeper problems can be worked out with relatives present, as well as a fairly comprehensive alumni network. Remedy itself generally lasts approximately 6 weeks and includes medicaldetox,double diagnosissupport,individual therapyandgroup therapy, doctor's appointments and time for personal reflection; many plusses are that Lakeview offers gender-responsive apps --men and women are entirely different. It also does its very best to individualize relapse prevention plans for many customers. It's an experiential therapy that patients who have been in our attention may have as a therapeutic alternative toward the conclusion of their stay at our facility.) Our campus is situated in Northeast Florida and homes a men's therapy plan, women's therapy plan, a conference center, along with 10,000 sf wellness centre. Our therapy is highly personalized to meet each patient's unique requirements and circumstances. Our recently renovated campus provides a safe, inviting atmosphere for patients to recover, recover their wellbeing and refocus on what is most important in their own lives--to find their own"true north." The gender-responsive apps are designed to tackle the issues unique to each sex. And without the distractions of the other sex, men and women tend to feel much more comfortable starting up in groups and can focus on building the skills they need to keep their healing beyond the treatment setting. The sex responsive treatment plan at Lakeview Health comprises: A curative continuum of care health treatment version Dual diagnosis treatment Three-day family applications Alumni program Our Vision: Our vision is to be the number one option in residential addiction treatment. We'll attain that by our firm commitment to be outstanding from the staff we hire, the centers we construct along with the treatment we provide to our clients and families. We'll never violate our core values to serve individuals with courageous integrity, develop a culture of empowerment and foster sustainable health. We think: Total wellness, wellness and lifestyle are a reality for everybody. People can alter to become life threatening rather than life-draining. Developing a path that leads toward"Finding Your True North" reaps the greatest rewards. Lakeview Health affirms those beliefs : Are an adult residential addiction program and are able to address dual diagnoses. Offer gender-responsive treatment assembled on an integrative therapy approach that addresses the biological, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients. Develop a warm and humid setting that welcomes and accepts everyone no matter where they are in their lifetime. Are committed to helping families through our 3-day intensive family program. Providing a addiction treatment program that is secure and built onto an holistic approach that covers all of our patients' needs. Developing a warm and inviting campus which welcomes and takes everyone regardless of where they are in their own lives. We're: A home made mature addiction treatment system at Jacksonville, Florida. Ready to take care of clients with addiction and mental health disorders. Devoted to helping families through our 3 day intensive schedule Our Credentials Lakeview Health adheres to the highest standards of healthcare and facility performance. We have continually maintained that the Joint Commission's Gold Seal for excellence in support. Our staff-to-patient ratio is one of the lowest of all drug rehab centers in Florida and the country. To learn more about Lakeview Health and receive the support and treatment you will need for yourself or a loved one, contact the us.

Services Offered

  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Residential Treatment
  • Family Programs
  • Alumni Program
  • Detox
  • Gender-Specific Treatment


1900 Corporate Square Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida, 32216,
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Phone: (866) 682-2349


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