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High Watch Recovery

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Make Today the Beginning of Your New Life High Watch was established in 1940 as the world’s first 12-Step treatment center. Since then, we've led thousands of adolescents, adults and families from the grip of alcohol and drug addiction to the freedom of recovery.

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High Watch Recovery

62 Carter Rd, Kent,
, CT, 6757,
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Phone: 860.927.3772

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avatar Canada Goose says:
At Oct 15,2018 03:22 am

new review

avatar theared52 dfdf says:
At Oct 15,2018 03:54 am

Review 2

avatar jt says:
At Oct 30,2018 06:51 pm

worked for me

avatar Heather says:
At Mar 12,2019 05:55 pm

Great services

avatar Heather says:
At Mar 12,2019 06:01 pm

great service

avatar Pulimoottil Varughese says:
At Mar 12,2019 09:17 pm


avatar Ashiq Mahmud says:
At Mar 13,2019 04:57 am

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