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Pregnant and Addicted to Opiates? There Is Help

Published date : October 14, 2018

It is imperative that pregnant girls do not go cold turkey as a technique of becoming themselves off drugs, since there may be life threatening complications for the mother and baby. For many girls, pregnancy is a really exciting moment. There are strategies to be made and massive life changes beforehand. Bringing a new life to the wo-

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ld inspires confidence in many folks. No matter how the entire experience can change from happy to frightening if the expectant mother is struggling with an addiction to opioids and other medications. A recent analysis by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that each 25 seconds, a baby is born addicted to opiates and going through withdrawal. A similar study demonstrated that roughly five percent of pregnant women in the US use addictive substances throughout their pregnancy. Fortunately, there are places like Lighthouse Treatment Center, an Orange County medication detox program that provides medically assisted detox solutions for alcohol and drugs for anybody who is going though this devastating ordeal. Lighthouse Treatment Center has inpatient and residential programming accessible, and upscale, and private living quarters offering excellent comfort. Clients enjoy lots of amenities such as a staff chef that designs customized foods, a fitness center on campus, yoga classes, and regular sessions of meditation. These perks are particularly important for elderly women who, even more than anybody, want a secure and spacious environment that is pristine, relaxing and conducive to serenity. Future mothers in need of detox require special care, as well as the 24/7 team of Lighthouse Treatment Center may offer the personal attention, support and professionalism that's vital to their well-being. In addition to detox, Lighthouse Treatment Center also provides comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation solutions that include lots of evidence-based therapy strategies and holistic techniques. With the facilitation of dual identification support, those treatment modalities not just cover the addiction, but also the mental health issues combined with the chemical abuse. Can Be Detox Safe for your Infant? One of the biggest issues of a person struggling with the opioid addiction is understanding how long opiates stay in the body. The amount of time is different for everyone, and elderly women have to consider a number of factors such as the purity of the drug, how often they are using drugs and how much water that they have on a regular basis. If a fetus is exposed to opioids from the womb, it is in a higher risk for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS, that can cause problems breathing, gaining fat, excessive crying or irritability, or sometimes, premature birth or perhaps death. After a baby is born addicted to opiates he or she must stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. They are tapered off their drug slowly with the expectation that eventually they'll be free of medication and also stabilized. Lighthouse Treatment Center employs the best and the smartest medical and clinical staff, all those who have extensive experience working with all kinds of customers in need of a secure medical detox program. They take pride in ensuring clients receive top tier medical care combined with comprehensive treatment services. Each person is treated with respect and dignity during their time in therapy. Continued Care Lighthouse Treatment Center intends to provide clients a safe and inviting place to go through the detox process whilst preparing them for another step in their own restoration. The staff is prepared to present treatment options within the customer's community, which can imply residential maintenance, a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or alternative outpatient options in their area. A very important step in getting clean is customers understanding what choices they have in therapy and finding what they can do to keep themselves sober. When it comes to the health of you and your infant, the help you need is readily accessible and maybe lifesaving.