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What is the lowest calorie alcohol? - Top 10 alcoholic drinks

Published date : May 15, 2019

What Is The Lowest Calorie Alcohol? Its beer without a doubt. In addition, the essence of a sports drink does not change the essence: both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers are equally caloric. Yes, in darkness and light, the difference in calories is not signif-

Lowest calorie alcohol

cant. The overall calorie content per 100 ml is 60 kcal. But don't rush choosing a beer diet. Beer trick is the amount that is recommended for use.

All the yearlong you “cheers” to birthdays, holidays and special achievements of your career. If you’re trying to reduce weight or live a healthier lifestyle, you’re possibly wondering what “healthy” alcoholic drink options are available there for these sort of celebrations. To help you have fun without destroying your fitness and nutrition goals, we suggested our favorite low-calorie alcoholic drinks to enjoy during dieting.

Never forget that just because these drinks are healthier, the lowest calorie alcohol doesn’t mean they should be taken in unlimited amounts. Calories from alcoholic drinks consumed quickly without providing much nutritional support.

In general, beer has the lowest percentage of alcohol per quantity of beverage. However, non-alcoholic beer contains up to 1/2 of one percent alcohol by volume.

Standard drinks of alcohol in the USA contain about 6 ounces of alcohol. A standard drink is:

  • A 12-ounce can or bottle of beer.
  • A 5-ounce glass of dinner wine.
  • A shot of 80 proof liquor such as vodka, tequila, or rum either straight or in a mixed drink.

The issue of calories in alcohol is very relevant to those who want to keep themselves in shape and to enjoy eating foods. However, some types of alcohol in calories are not inferior to confectionery foods.

Each 100 ml liqueur can be similar toa high-quality sponge cake with buttercream and whipped cream. The energy level of liqueurs varies from 300 to 380 kcal. When calculating the calorie of this drink, it must be taken into account that their amount in cocktails containing alcoholic beverages increases. Here, a better nutritional supplement could be liqueur wines with a calorie amount slightly above 200 kilocalories per 100 ml.

"Festival" drinks of calorie content: vodka, brandy, brandy, and alcoholic cocktails. The latter is very popular at nightclubs and other entertainment zones. The calorie amount of this group is about 250 kcal / 100 ml, but there is another extreme symptom - alcohol increases appetite. Sitting at a festive table you can eat much more than you planned. For this reason, it’s better to choose the lowest calorie alcohol during the festivals. 

Further on the pirate and aristocratic drinks - rum, gin, whiskey, brandy,and tequila. Calories range from 200 to 250 calories per 100 ml. People who like this type of alcohol are not over fatty. The main reason is the natural level of nutrition replaced by alcohol.

The average alcohol calorie is wine. Drink, as well as having useful properties and popular on the positive side. The amount of calories in wine production depends on many facts. In particular, the energy and amount of sugar. So diet is dry wine: white and red. 12% of alcoholic drinks are from 60 to 70 kcal per 100 ml. New Year's Eve King - Champagne - has 90 units of energy.

How to maintain Drinks While Dieting with the lowest calorie alcohol

Excessive indulging in alcohol dehydrates our bodies and often results in a dirty hangover. To feel refreshing the morning after a fun night out, follow our five friendly tips.

1. Add a cup of water for every alcoholic beverage

Have you ever noticed how thirsty you feel after a night of drinking? Alcohol can dehydrate us and can negatively impact our mental and physical performance. In addition to your normal daily water consumption, drink an extra cup of water after each time of having an alcoholic beverage.

2. Know your limits

More alcohol means more calories and calories from alcoholic beverages deficit the nutritional benefits we generally get from food calories. Enjoy your beverage slowly and focus on limiting calories and that next-day hangover. Remember that moderation for men basically means less than 2 bottles of beer or 2 glasses of wine. It’s half the amount for women.

3. Have it neat or on the rocks

Skip the honey like mixers and juices. Instead, provoke your favorite liquor neat or on the rocks.

4. Add natural freshness

Get artistic and add one thing recent — lemon, lime, mint, basil, cucumber or berries — to your drink. Citrus, herbs, and fruits create liquor and wine style superb while not adding further calories or sugar.

5. Don’t drink on an associate empty abdomen

Always extra service on food before filling informed alcohol. Drinking on associate empty abdomen causes you to feel intoxicated a lot of quickly which intoxication typically results in a lot of drinking or mindless consumption. Consume a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner from your 8fit plan before an evening resolute slow the absorption of alcohol and encourage drinking sparsely.

Our favorite lowest calorie alcohol drinks

There square measure many drinks we have a tendency to reach for throughout an evening out. Attempt one in all our favorites next time you’re celebrating.


Our most well-liked low-calorie hard drink solely has sixty-five calories. Ingredients: one shot of hard drink, a splash of drinking water, lime slices and crushed ice.


We have a tendency to like wine as a result of its slightly higher nutrition and mineral content than vino. Select a dry wine for lower sugar content. One glass, no matter whether or not it’s white or red, has around a hundred and twenty calories. Ingredients: Your most well-liked high-quality wine.


The standard New Year’s Eve alcoholic drink or wedding liquid is additionally a low-calorie one. A glass of champagne generally has concerning ninety calories. Ingredients: Bubbly, sparkling champagne.

Mojito with further lime: create your mojito “healthier” by asking your server for a less honeylike version. One glass of our concoction has concerning one hundred thirty calories. Ingredients: one shot of rum, lime juice, one tsp xerophile (or cane sugar), a splash of drinking water, lime slices, recent mint leaves, and crushed ice.

Cucumber gin martin

This refreshing alcoholic drink brings a bit summer to cold, dark winter and solely clocks in at a hundred calories. Ingredients: one shot of gin, recent cucumber slices, one tsp xerophile (or cane sugar), barely of juice and crushed ice.

If these lowest calorie alcohol drinks aren’t out there, reach for a lightweight brewage, a bloody Jewess, John Barleycorn with drinking water and lime, bourbon soda or a michelada. Kindly raise your server for a lot of natural, less honeylike choices and don’t feel weird concerning it. In the end, it’s vital to possess fun and to not let your fitness or nutrition goals add stress.

Enjoy the lowest calorie alcohol sparsely and have a contented, healthy vacation, wedding, graduation, birthday – all of it.

Top Ten Alcoholic Drinks

1. Absinthe

Made from the leaves and flowers of Artemisia absinthium (grand wormwood) along with sweet fennel, green anise, and other culinary and medicinal herbs; Absinthe is a severely alcoholic, distilled beverage. Thujone – a chemical compound usually found in the drink makes it a toxic psychoactive drug.

2. Mezcal

A trend started in the past; Mezcal is still sold with a sight disturbing worm inside the bottle. Though it is weird, it is the fact. It is taken raw and not as a mixed drink. This alcoholic brew is made from the agave plant, grown in Mexico. Mezcal is mostly exported to Japan and the United States along with twenty-seven other countries across the world. It has a strong smoky flavor and is considered as one of the most alcoholic drinks.

3. Scorpion Vodka

According to the name suggest, a bottle of Scorpion Vodka comes with a full preserved scorpion inside it. The drink is formed out of wheat and is consumed for medical purposes such as back and body muscle pain as well as an aphrodisiac. Scorpion Vodka tastes unique compared with the normal vodka.

4. Three Lizard Liquor

Being a part of a very popular tradition in China and Vietnam and one of the best alcoholic drinks, the Three Lizard Liquor is taken to drive away evil and negative energies. In both countries, it is strongly believed that lizards are the symbol of a powerful source of energy that can fend off evil spirit. However, it is a harmful alcoholic drink as it is prepared by three medium-sized lizards.

5. Snake Wine

The Snake Wine is very prominent in South Eastern Asia that is produced by inserting an extremely poisonous snake into rice wine. According to the report, the taste of this wine is determined from the snake’s venom, though the ethanol kills the venomous effect. In Taiwan’s Huaxi Street such kind of drinks is sold along with other snake food. One of the effects of this alcohol is said to possess medicinal benefits that can be beneficial for health.

6. Baby Mice Wine

Baby Mice Wine is at number sixth position among the top 10 most alcoholic drinks. It is a customary drink consumed in China and Korea. Even it has a weird way of preparing. A number of newly born baby mice are put into a jar of wine and is kept for a year to get on with its flavor through fermentation. Like Snake Wine, even Baby Mice Wine also has some healthy benefiting characteristics.

7. Seagull Wine

The total credit for introducing the Seagull Wine goes to the Eskimos. The typical beverage has been adopted by this tribe due to the extremely cold atmosphere of the region. They slice seagulls into small pieces, stuff into a jar of water and leave it out under the sun to be fermented. Known as one of the most melancholic beverages, it is also believed to be a dangerous alcoholic drink.


8. Purple Drank

A recreational drug mainly accepted in the Southern United States Hip Hop community, the Purple Drank contains a vast amount of codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew. The drink has come to the news for taking the lives of a number of users, through respiratory and CNS depressions. Purple Drank also has a narcotic reaction and makes the consumer nauseous and intoxicated. Many youngsters find it fashionable but in reality, it is not as cool as it seems.

9. Four Loko

Distributed by Phusion Projects of Chicago, the Four Loko is the name that appears among the list of most dangerous alcoholic drinks in the world as it is a combination of alcohol, taurine, caffeine,and guarana. Initially, it was sold as an energy drink but after it was found out to have severe health effects, it has been banned in many places. In the past years, a number of individuals were hospitalized after having the beverage.

10. Everclear

Everclear is a distilled, unflavored and colorless beverage that is produced out of maize. It has an alcohol content ranging from from40% to 90% and is banned in different countries. It is consumed as a mixed alcoholic drink in combination with energy drinks and fruit juices. However, one of the bad effects of this alcohol is that only some shots can create stomach pump.

In the above discussion, we were extensive enough to present different types of alcohol and its positive and negative result. Overall it is considered that a high amount of alcohol can be detrimental for health and on the other hand lowest calorie alcohol can be taken without getting worried and to maintain your health.